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Yelp! The Good, The Bad & The Ugly?

Yelp has become a powerful tool for consumers to steer clear of restaurants, contractors and businesses that are less than qualified to serve you as a customer. It can be very helpful to a business owner as well to show reviews that they are an expert in their business. In most cases I have found it to be helpful for my clients with all the good reviews firmly showing the world that they would be a good choice. The bad side is the negative reviews that you cannot delete. Our advice, Don’t get too crazed with a few bad reviews. All business owners have customers that were not satisfied, old flames that are trying to ruin a reputation and just a few crazy people that you wish you had never met. Overall people viewing your reviews have common sense. If you have 10 reviews and two of them are not positive they can be taken with a grain of salt. If 4-5 reviews are negative you might want to investigate what they are complaining about and fix the issue.

The best way to combat a few bad reviews is two fold. Step one is to publicly, on yelp, reach out to the dissatisfied customer and offer to fix the issue or offer a coupon to re-review the business after a second try. I have seen this work in many situations. We all as business owners and consumers alike have a bad day every once and a while. Misunderstandings can also hurt your reputation. To remedy the issue publicly new consumers will see you care, reach out and have excellent customer service. The second step is to actively ask satisfied customers to write a review so that your represented well online. Do this on a continuous basis.

Remember that most people will only take the time to create a yelp account and write a review if the experience was either really spectacular or really horrid. Be active in your online presence. It can make or break you!

Pinterest. How to use it wisely.

Tools on the internet are always appearing and evolving. So many people were against Facebook Timeline until they realized how cool it was and user friendly. We are creatures of habit and honestly don’t like change. With Pinterest and all it’s hype don’t forget why we use these social tools online. For business we want positive exposure and searchability. When using a blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest among others make sure your content is relevant to your consumers and valuable to them as information or offers. So remember as you post, tweet & pin be wise and make sure it makes sense for your business.

Social Media , Is it right for you?

Talking to many clients I find that Social Media is one of the most misunderstood tools of our time. Clients are either afraid of social media , have no time for it or plain think it’s not effective. In a world split by an older generation that has a Facebook page that their grandkids set up and the other half that lives through their Smartphone how can we grasp the best use of such a tool. First you need to understand what social media is……

The best way to put it is a new way to connect. For example before we would connect with people in person or on the phone and then we connected through email and texting. Now you can get instant updates on your friends, customers and family by simply glancing at your phone or computer.

I can not put it in better words than Pam Moore in an excerpt from her article below;

“Social Media for Smarties”

“Social media requires people, conversation and a medium (i.e., tools).

In Real Life (IRL) people talk, listen, share, complain, cry, work, sing, laugh and make new friends.

In real life people hang out in social circles. They talk and laugh with peeps that make them feel good.

Now they hang out online in social circles. Circles like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Guess what, online people also talk, listen, share, complain, cry work, sing, laugh, and make new friends.

Thanks to social media they can now talk, listen, share, complain, cry, work, sing, laugh, and make new friends without leaving their house.

They can do it in their bed with their iPhone and only one eye open. They can even sit in their call all day or head head to their favorite coffee shop with free WiFi.

They do social via 140 characters on twitter

They do social on Facebook business pages.

They do social on Facebook personal pages. ”

She states it perfectly. I know some people who just started using email. It is not a scary world unless you make it so. There are things to remember in this networked society of instant updates and virtual conversations. Don’t forget that the world can see you. It is a good thing !


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